Sunday, 4 November 2018

DIS v57 + INPA / EDIABAS 6.4.3 Installation + Guide

Download Links [MediaFire]:

BMW INPA / EDIABAS 6.4.3 + Install Files etc. [1.1GB]

BMW DIS v57 / SSS v32 Installer Files [6.7GB]

**You will need BOTH parts to fully install DIS v57**

You will need a laptop with USB running Windows XP or Windows 7.

You will need a USB-OBD cable optimised for post-2005 BMWs. An older cable can be modified by removing the solder-bridge between OBD pins 7 and 8 - a guide is here.


Unpacking Files:
  • Unpack the 2 .rar files into a new folder.
  • Where the contained instruction file mentions unpacking files from CD1 and CD2, all the .rar files for both CDs are contained in the one 6.7GB download.  
  • If upgrading from DIS v44, install the files into the same folder and overwrite existing files.
  • The instructions cover Windows XP, but files for Windows 7 and 64-bit, along with instructions for that are provided in a folder marked OTHER.
Further installation and troubleshooting instructions [getting the virtual machine / network bridge / ports etc. working] can be found in my prior DIS v44 guide here:


  1. I have INPA talking to the F10 (after modifying a cable). DIS installed and appears to be working, but F10 isn't an option so waiting to get my hands on a friends post 2006 E90 / E60.

  2. Hello...
    I downloaded disv57..
    What admin password to acces touch calibration?

  3. Hmm, good question. Isn't it something easy like 1234? Or just press enter with no passcode? It should be in the instructions somewhere, I will take a look.

  4. Hello,

    The part02 file is corrupt from within the above DIS download.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. skip password then the corrupted files will fix itself.

  5. downloading this pack, I will confirm if its working for my e90 2007 bmw.

    previously used ista+ and bmw standard tools from bimmergeeks. Im wanting to know the difference regardless the versions.

  6. Here's a VMware loader for BMW software. It allows you to keep VMware services off and automatically starts necessary programs as well as switch EDIABAS versions between 6.4.3 and 7.3.0.

    1. Link is asking for decript key

  7. When I click on Diagnostic Head Button in DIS config, I get the hourglass but nothing happens. So I don't come to the screen where I see the Diaghead. Only the hourglass which stays on forever. Any help?

  8. Does this software work on Windows 10?

  9. Unsure what's wrong, but files for DIS and SSS aren't working. Tried on 3 different laptops, on each one tried with XP and 7, and everywhere same problem - SSS needs files for Windows SP2, DIS - panic HTFS.

    What's wrong?