Saturday 18 January 2014

E21 316: Last week with the E21...

Quite a sad time this week as the car is now confirmed sold, but it's nice to see it will be going to an enthusiastic new owner, a lad called Jake from Newcastle ways. Quite ironic that the car doesn't leave leafy Surrey for 29 years, then in the subsequent two makes it's way through Liverpool (230 miles away) and then as far North as it practically can to 'Castle (another 175 miles)!

It will be very dearly missed, the handsome E21, not just for the sentimental reasons of it being the exact same age as me or the extent of work and restoration I carried out, but mainly because it is such an awesome car to behold. Time waits for no man and it would be even worse to see me SORN it, hide it away somewhere and let it fade away... it needs to be kept on the road so it can be enjoyed by both the driver and the public. Like any BMW old or new, the thing just loves to be driven and gets better and more rewarding the more you do. It's also great that other people like the shark-nose classic (and in some cases, rare but gratifying, actually get the stance scene :D) and appreciate the work that's gone into the project.

E21 Dub Club has had over 12,000 hits and a heap of good feedback and I would like to thank everyone who has checked it out, not just those who gave props props on the motor, but for those who found it useful and have been helped or inspired with their own E21s... hats off to you. Finally, a big shout out to Clint Warburton for his support - hope with all the space of the Ozzy outback you get to keep your E21 for the foreseeable future.

Never the less, a new project beckons, but sadly it's a bricks-and-mortar style project this time. That time has come again for me to flee the parents nest and give up my natty cars, though I'm sure another retro BMW will appear when the dust settles from this house!

Back in the car gallery at West Wal, where it's not been enough this winter....
Turning heads in Co-Op car park, Wallasey...
Built, not bought. Driven, not garaged. And simply stunning to boot,, even rocking the 15" Melber wheels...

Checking out the bad boy evil Angel Eyes in the tailgate of this Mini. The poor girl must have wondered what I was doing taking photos... obviously she hadn't seen the eyes approaching and got out of the way - it was flying in the cold air!


  1. So was the post about the seats prepared before this one or are you back in another E21?

  2. Yeah kinda, I've been selling off the old E21 seats and people have been asking a lot about have I got the 'mounts' for them without realising theirs have been chopped, so it's something to post I guess. I'd love to have kept mine forever but I've nowhere indoors to keep it and it will start to rust pretty quick if I'm not using it everyday. The prices for them in UK have gone so high, think ill get an E30 next project...

    1. Fair enough. Mine's had rust bubbles start appearing all over and it's been stored inside! We're in a coastal town though so I guess it's to be expected. Next step once the mechanicals are mostly sorted is to fix the rust. We'll cover over with more Resedagruen as we already have some (for now) - ultimately I think I'll end up changing the colour... but we'll see.