Friday 16 January 2015

E60 530d MOT Fail - Brakes, Trailing Arm

After the horror of the swirl-flap failure and engine swap, the E60 went off the road again at the start of December after an annoying MOT fail on imbalanced brakes, likely discs and pads, and split trailing arm bushes on the N/S. The tester also failed it on a bend in the rim of the N/S/R alloy wheel, which is reasonably bad, but enough to be an MOT fail I am not too sure.

This is the bush on the offending arm with the most play, but I still can't see a major split as I have with other bushes.
Closer inspection reveals what could be a split on the right side of the pic, but it's still not a shut case. Maybe the rubber has separated from the metal outer and is moving around?
Ok, so it's no small dent. The inner rim is bent, where the tyre sits, but I've had similar sized ones before that have been no problem. 
Is it repairable? Perhaps, but I have no spare wheel to use and a replacement is £200. Maybe the MOT tester was having a bad day?

Saturday 10 January 2015

Update New Year 2015

Not a great deal has been going on in Beemer Lab since the mighty engine swap and not just because I needed a rest.. The E60 went off the road again with an annoying MOT fail at the start of December and thanks to a busy Xmas I'm still in the Compact, so here's some nice Wirral Beemers over the festive season.

West Wal' Compact Club. Be there, or have a proper derrière.
It's my old E21. Wait, no it isn't. Who'd have thought it... another '83 316 in Henna Red, parked just around the corner from my house in Wallasey, as if to taunt me for selling mine. It' on the original 13s and absolutely mint.

Speaking of my old E21, here is a recent picture taken from eBay. Yes, it went up for sale in late November and sold within a week. Jake's asking price was £2250. It is now owned by a lad called Daniel.

Henna Red 635 CSi Highline out in Wallasey / Bidston.
Nicely stanced and rolled E36 Cab on BBS parked up in Moreton.
My Titansilver fleet of 2014. The E46 is gone and the Compact will sadly have to follow when the 5-Series is MOT'd.