Monday 24 February 2020

BMW Front Outline / Silhouette Gallery - All Models

Another great chart of BMW front-end outlines detailing almost every model, or at least every major model release, right from the word go... which one is yours??

1936 3281952 5011955 ISETTA 2501956 507 ROADSTER
1962 15001965 3200CS1968 2002 Tii1973 3.0CSL E9
1975 316 E211978 M1 E261978 M535i E121986 M3 E30
1988 M5 E281989 8 SERIES E311992 M3 E361996 Z2 E36/7
1998 M5 E391999 Z8 ROADSTER2000 M3 E462002 Z4
2004 6 SERIES E63/642007 M3 E902007 X5 E702011 1 SERIES M COUPE
2011 M5 F102014 i32014 M4 COUPE F822015 i8

Sunday 23 February 2020

BMW M10 Engine Family Tree

Interesting press release from BMW showing some derivatives of the much-loved 4-cylinder M10 engine, which I have covered in much detail before.

"With half the cylinders and half the power of todays V8 M3, the original 1986 car remains one of our all-time favourites. Its seemingly indestructible four-cylinder iron block, however, goes back to 1962 and the BMW 1500. This was also the block that formed the basis of the 1.5-litre turbo F1 engines that powered Brabham to many a race victory. That's not just the block type -- BMW Motorsport used actual 1500 blocks sourced from scrapyards, because the older the block, the fewer stresses remaining in it. Never has a production engine family been more versatile."