Sunday 2 February 2014

Trip to collect the E60...

From being the proud owner of two awesome Bavarians, in the space of a week I went down to having none and the last couple of days of Beemer-frei living were long and fraught. I was surprised at the revvy eagerness of the 1.2 Clio I had use of, but that's all, so when the day came to collect the E60 I was up mighty early and getting ready... Just as well as my train left from Liverpool at 8.30am!

The ticket was only £36.50, but the Liverpool - London Virgin train took 3 hours instead of the usual 2. It was then two different Tubes to Liverpool Street Station in London where I hitched a Greater Anglia train out to east Essex, which was another hour, making it about 5 hours travel in total.

When I walked out of Manningtree station I was so relieved to see the E60 waiting for me. The car was exactly as described and after a 2 minute once-over in the rain I drove the guy, John, back to his house and signed the logbook over. All in all the deal took half an hour. Perfect.

12.09PM London Liverpool Street, my ultra-whistlestop tour of the capital after over 3 hours travel and 2 Virgin breakfasts.
10 minutes later the Greater Anglia train leaves for Essex, but just enough time to grab a large Burger King meal.
12.33PM - Heading out of London, the Gherkin etc. 
Canary Wharf, heading east through Hackney, I think.

1.30PM - Manningtree Station, north-east Essex. Last quaint stop before Norwich.
4.20PM - 150 miles nearer home in Corley Services, Warwickshire. I just had to stop for a wee and a KFC.
But not for fuel. I still had just over half a tank left and only another 100 miles to cover, provided by John of course, a nice deal sweetener.

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