Thursday 17 July 2014

E46 318ci: The Beemer that chose me...

This is my new E46 coupe. I didn't intend to buy it, or even own it. It's a 51-plate 318ci SE with 133k on the clock. I have been seriously hankering after an E46, but this wasn't quite the Beemer switch I was after. The intention was to split it for parts... But once I've walked past it a couple of times on my drive I naturally realised it needed my help and decided to 'av a little go. It's turned into Beemer love beyond Beemer love...

  • No front bumper.
  • Hole drilled in petrol-tank.
  • No brake assistance whatsoever.
  • Sticking calipers.
  • Rotten wheel-arches.
  • No driver's door-card, so no handle, speaker etc!
  • No battery.
  • Runs... Just.

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