Sunday 10 May 2015

E60: New engine Tune Up Part 3 - Glow-plugs / EGR / more vacuum hoses...

  • Blank off swirl-flap vac-hose.
  • Replace EGR vac-hose with one that came with new engine.
  • Check wiring to GP module. (No replacement.)
  • Remove and clean EGR.
Boost was lacking and noisy again so I figured there was more vacuum-leak. Assuming the redundant swirl-flap diaphragm was to blame I set about removing that hose completely from the servo-hose T-piece and fitting a blank stopper from the new engine. While doing this I found the vac-hose to the EGR was snapped off at the nozzle. Classic.

Trouble codes:
  • All 6 glow-plugs no activation. Intermittent, but happened 31 times out of 40, all at the same times. I intended to swap the module for the one from my replacement engine, but couldn't find it amongst the parts so it mustn't have been included.
  • [3FF0] Air mass meter failure.
  • [4507] MAF controlled EGR flow too low. Both of these happened once around the same time as each other and have not happened since. Perhaps the snapped EGR vac-line could explain this.
  • [4B10] Smooth running controller, correction quantity too high. This was the most intriguing of the codes as it had registered 9 times. 
Smooth running controller measurement:

This measures the amount each injector has to provide each time it is fired and how much the ECU needs to meter them. The ideal correctional values are between -2.5mg and 100mg per stroke, so as you can see my measurement is indeed showing very high amounts of correction. [NOTE: The reading is in kJ, not mg as displayed! Autocom GDP just does this. I get a proper reading in this post with INPA -]. The reasons for this are faulty injectors, lack of cylinder compression and lack of flow to the EGR. At first glance it would appear injector 5 is giving no reading as there should be a correction value there, but the engine is running on all six cylinders therefore number 5 is firing. So what gives here? I started a thread on BMW Land [BMW Land is down for now sadly :(] with some damning results on injector 5, which I will have to investigate, play with the wiring etc. 

Another cause of low compression is a cracked / leaky exhaust-to-turbo manifold. This would also cause low gas flow to the EGR and stifle the amount of exhaust gas powering the turbo, explaining the boost problem. I will get someone to rev the engine as I feel round for a leak of hot gases, but if this turns out not to be the case then the only things left to do will be replace the waste-gate and/or pressure-convverter.
  • Check for pressure leak from exhaust-manifold.
  • Add injector cleaner and cataclean.
  • Investigate boost actuator / pressure converter and waste-gate.


  1. Hi, did you ever solve the problem with the smooth running control on cylinder 5 because we have a car with exactly the same fault??

    1. Not as yet, the vibration on tickover is driving me mad. Does your have a rough idle and vibration? I have tried resetting the injector into the head, wiggled all the wires etc. but no change. I guess injector 5 has failed and I will need to replace it. Only other thing I can think to try is to swap inj 5 with another one to see if the fault changes cylinder or stays on 5. It's a well annoying fault this.

  2. Yep, rough idle and its worse when cold. I have replaced the injector with a new one and that made no difference at all. I've sent the ECU away to be tested and it came back as no fault found but im not convinced on that. Thanks for your quick reply and ill keep you posted if we find anything else out.

  3. What did happened to that problem, I have similar problem. Would be grateful to hear what was wrong with your car. Thank you :)

  4. What did happened to that problem, I have similar problem. Would be grateful to hear what was wrong with your car. Thank you :)

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    2. Yeah, I need to do a new post on this it is very frustrating. Ok first thing, if you are getting weird correctional values or one injector is giving no reading as above, download INPA and get a USB-OBD cable, I have included links to both in a more recent post. You will probably find that all injectors are actually giving a reading and all within the green. If one is in the red or giving no reading on INPA, then that injector has faile and you need a new one. If they are all fine, as mine and Karl's were, then the fault is not the injectors and is very unlikely to be the ECU, the engine would misfire if this has failed. What else could cause the vibration? Well I've got it narrowed down to 2 things - a vacuum leak, where the vac-pump may be failing, causing the bad idling. Or, worse, it is excessive blow-by from worn piston rings. This will give mad correction values and can be checked by removing the hose to the crank case vent - if there is thick smoke and oil then worn rings is the case. I get the feeling that these engines go this way after a certain mileage and start to vibrate. Ho hum and best of luck.

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  6. Replies
    1. You know, I never did. Even after re-coding all injectors and trying a million things, the vibration and rough idling would not go away... it turned out the vibration on tickover was the flywheel starting to knock... I sold the car 6 months later it was still knocking. As for all the 'rough-idle' fault codes etc... once these engines reach high miles and develop faults they are just going to start running rough. Blow-by past the cylinder rings, injectors starting to leak... just drive it.

  7. I have a DDE year 2007. you had what? My car (e60 530d 2003 euro3)