Sunday 17 January 2016

E46 Clubsport: Vanos Rebuild + Upgrade Kit / Re-map... 300BHP!!

With the vacuum / intake leak issues and the rough idle sorted, a rough transition into the upper rev-band had developed where the Vanos-system opens up fully. Time for a Vanos rebuild then, with new Teflon seals and Viton O-rings, but not wanting to sell himself short after going to this much effort he decided to plump for a full upgrade kit that supposedly boosts top-end power.

Whether or not this is really doing its job is unclear, as Nathan hurriedly took the Clubsport to a local tuner / rolling road and had what he describes as a 're-map' done. They then dyno-tested it right away and reportedly managed to get 296 engine-horsepower! This has been confirmed by two colleagues, but even so sounds a bit drastic for a 2003 car with 135k miles and a stock lump, save for a Vanos kit and the butterfly-valves removed from the exhaust...

I will have to get more information on this Vanos upgrade kit, as it seems a little too good to be true. Nath promises a full set of pics and confirmed dyno-figures, but these are being slow to come as he is now working for Lookers Vauxhall. Oh, and he is now finding himself preoccupied with the 3.5 litre, super-charged V8 finally lowered into his Lotus Eclat drag-car... yep.

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