Thursday 26 September 2019

BMW Common Emissions Error Codes / Fault Codes List 2711-273F [E46, E39 etc.]

2711-273F2740-27722773-279F27A0-27FF280A-29FF2A01-2CFF2D00-2FB7, CD87-CDAC,

2711 DMTL pump final stage
2712 DMTL magnetic valve control
2713 Oxygen sensors switched
2714 Oxygen sensor heater after cat. (bank2)
2715 Oxygen sensor heater before cat. (bank2)
2716 Controller heater sensor after cat
2717 Controller heater sensor after cat (Bank2)
2718 Speed (rpmsensor for missing tooth
2719 Speed (rpmsensor for periode timing
271A Oxygen sensor before cat.
271B Oxygen sensor before cat.
271C Oxygen sensor after cat.
271D Oxygen sensor heater before cat.
271E Oxygen sensor heater after cat.
271F Lambda sensor periode duration ageing
2720 Lambda sensor ageing TV
2721 Lambda sensor ageing after cat
2722 Oxygen sensor2 before cat.
2723 output heater O2-sensor before catalyst bank2
2724 Oxygen sensor2 after cat.
2725 Lambda sensor periode duration ageing bank2
2726 Lambda sensor ageing TV bank2
2727 Lambda sensor ageing after cat bank2
2728 Adaption multipl. area2
2729 Adaption multipl. area2 (bank2)
272A Adaption multipl. area1
272B Adaption multipl. area1 (bank1)
272C Adaption add. per time
272D Adaption add. per time (Bank2)
272E Adaption add. per ignition
272F Adaption add. per ignition bank2
2730 failure within the idle-speed control
2731 Camshaft control inlet - VANOS
2732 NW-Control of inlet B2 (8cyl)/outlet (4cyl)
2733 NW-KW synchronfailure
2734 TPS/MAF plausibility
2735 TPS/MAF plausibility bank2
2736 Throttle controller PWM short test
2737 EWS-manipulation control
2738 Catalytic-converter conversion
2739 Catalytic-converter conversion LSU
273A Catalytic-converter conversion LSU bank2
273B Throttle controller PWM long test
273C Throttle controller diff.
273D Catalytic-converter conversion (bank2)
273E Signal temper.sensor exhaust1
273F Signal temper.sensor exhaust2

This is originally from a thread on bimmerfest with a longer list of codes -

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