Tuesday 5 May 2020

BimmerCode Tutorial - Quick & Easy Guide

BimmerCode is becoming quite a popular and effective application for coding / programming your BMW on the fly using your phone or tablet, which may prove easier than setting up a working DIS laptop. You can get the app here on their website - https://bimmercode.app

It's not just injector-codes we are talking here, BimmerCode can be used to adjust almost every parameter of your F and G series BMW, even down to atmospheric-light colour combinations.

Here is a great video tutorial by Arnold Chang from Youtube, demonstrating the software on his new F30 M3 he bought. Nice.


  1. Using such an application will greatly simplify the management of the entire system. Setting parameters will be very quick and cover all design features

  2. Cool tutorial video. Your description mentions "not just injector programming". Is it possible to program the Injectors? I don't see that ECU in my bimmercode list... E70 N63...