Sunday 25 April 2021

Causes of flat batteries on BMWs explained - Great guide!!

If you own an older BMW, no doubt you will have experienced your battery suddenly starting to go dead for no apparent reason. All modern BMWs have a ‘shut-down’ procedure after the ignition is turned off, things can be heard whirring and humming even after you’ve locked the car and this is the most common cause of your battery going dead over night with no warning, but there are others too...

Below is a great guide from Vlad at MCA Blog explaining the reasons BMW batteries go flat over night and where to check. It also details that bane of the BMW battery's life, the 'IBS' or Intelligent Battery Sensor fitted from the '90s on.

  • Plugged in external devices
  • Plugged in OBD-II scanner
  • BMW Intelligent Battery Sensor
  • The infamous ”hedgehog” (from the climate control panel)
  • One of the electronics on your car drains too much power or does not go into sleep mode
  • Faulty alternator
  • Old battery

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