Sunday 9 March 2014

Another subs/amp issue - not enough low-end getting through.

The plot thickens with my aftermarket subs and amp install. Following the addition of a crossover between the rear-speakers and amp RCA-input I'm definitely getting cleaner bass, but the really low-end frequencies don't seem to be present at all. I doubt the crossover can't handle the frequencies and I know the amp can, so this leads to me think the frequencies are being cut out before getting to the rear-speakers.

One US forum says low-end frequencies are cut from all but the stock amp in the boot and subs under the front-seats. Today I got 2 screws out of the plastic-grille under the passenger seat and bent it back to see a flat type subwoofer under it with the magnet facing upwards. Still, there is no stock amp present at either side of my boot. To get a definitive answer I started a thread on BMW-Land -

Turns out all E60s do have the stock subs under the front-seats, but if you don't have the amp they are controlled from the head-unit as well. Patching into the wiring to these could be the solution to getting the proper bass I'm after, but it will involve undoing the rear speaker splice and running the wires through to under the front-seat, so will have to wait for the time being. - yep, seems to be the case, rear-speakers are EQ'd to high and mid frequencies only. - here is a good guide on how to tap into the sub-woofer wires, but it involved removing the front seats.

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