Friday 14 March 2014

E60 Audio: RCA Feed from Rear Speakers - quick n dirty guide.

**Caution: This guide is for fitting extra component/coaxial speakers and is NOT suitable for fitting subs as the rear-speakers receive no low-end frequencies. If you are fitting subs then see THIS GUIDE on getting bass-RCA from the stock-subs.

This guide covers a very quick and easy way to get an RCA-feed into the boot on your BMW E60 and other iDrive models. This method is only suitable if you are fitting extra component or coaxial speakers [inc. 6x9s etc.] where the range of frequencies handled by the rear speaker-EQ are required.


** If you are fitting extra component/coaxial speakers then adding a crossover-box to the RCA-feed before the amp should not be necessary. If you intend to use a crossover, substitute the 4 wires of the Red/White RCA-cable in this guide for 4 lengths of normal wire and see THIS GUIDE on how to install it.

1. Take a normal Red/White stereo RCA-cable, cut both plugs off from one end and separate the two wires down most of its length. An RCA-cable of about 4 feet should be plenty to reach up to both rear-speakers.

2. Carefully unwind the earth-wire from around each coated-wire and twist them off, so each of the coaxial RCA-wires is now split into two, as shown.

3. Bend each of the four wires over about 5mm from the end and completely sheathe the two bare earth-wires up to here, so they are well separated from the red/white live wires, as shown.

4. Gently prise off each rear-speaker grille using a flathead screwdriver, starting at the front edge.

5. Remove the 3 screws holding each rear-speaker using a T20 Torx-head wrench/driver, then lift out and unplug both speakers.

6. From inside the boot, light can be seen coming in through the empty speaker-recesses. Route one cut end of the RCA-cable up into each speaker-recess. They should easily be reached now from the parcel-shelf.

7. Splice the coated live-wire of the RCA-cable to the + speaker-wire on each side and the bare earth-wire to the - speaker-wires. The colours are as follows:

O/S - Yellow/Black +, Yellow/Brown -.
N/S - Black/Red +, Black/Purple -.

8. Push the wires down into the parcel-shelf and replace the speakers/grilles.

Done in 5 minutes!


  1. Hi. Should I follow this guide and take the signal from rear speakers if I wish to upgrade and amplify the front door speakers (new mid bass speakers + tweeters with crossovers)

    1. Yes, though taking RCA from your front speakers would be better, so front/rear fade still works. If you are using one amp for front and rear speakers, then yeah just splice the rears, closest to the amp.

    2. Thank you for quick reply. Yes will take from the front speakers, want still use the fader. Will try and install the amplifier (which is not big) behind the glove box so will be easier to connect to speakers. I am pretty sure will find the 12v feed somewhere there.

    3. The fuse box behind there should have one or two spares with a live to one side that would be ideal.

    4. Done. But the highs (tweeters) are so high. Need to do them -5 or -7 to listen to music. Is there any way to normalise this? Maybe take the channel from under subs (I think they have all the frequencies (high, mids and bass) and connect to my component setup? Thanks