Thursday 22 November 2018

BMW BUS System Troubleshooting

Interesting and highly informative BMW training manual on troubleshooting the BUS system fitted to cars built from the late '90s through the 2000s. Detailed guides on design, diagnosis and repair of the original BMW CAN-BUS systems.


1. Introduction

2. Definitions

3. Controller Area Network (CAN bus):

  • Introduction
  • CAN bus topology
  • Troubleshooting the CAN bus
4. Diagnosis Bus (D-bus):
  • Introduction
  • D-bus topology
  • Troubleshooting the D-bus
5. Information and Body Bus:
  • Introduction
  • I/K bus topology
  • Troubleshooting the I/K bus
6. Peripheral Bus (P-bus):
  • Introduction
  • P-bus topology
  • Troubleshooting the P-bus
7. Motor Bus (M-bus):
  • Introduction
  • M-bus topology
  • Troubleshooting the M-bus
8. Review Questions

All models using Bus System from model year 1991 onwards.

This module discusses:
  • Advantages of using bus systems in a vehicle.
  • Various bus systems used in most BMW vehicles.
  • Operating principles of a serial bus.
  • Methods of troubleshooting bus lines using the diagnosis program.
  • Distinguishing a correctly operating bus line on an oscilloscope.
Have fun!

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