Saturday 20 April 2019

F10 / F11: Front Bumper Removal Guide

** If you are removing / replacing only one side headlight, then it is possible to loosen the bumper on the corresponding side and peel it back to access the headlight screws, rather than removing the entire bumper. **

1. Under the bonnet/hood remove the front end of the rubber seal located just inside the front wings either side.

2. Remove the two plastic push-pin type fasteners on each top corner of the bumper skin. (Or just the ones on the side you are removing the headlight on.)

3. Remove the 4 screws holding the top edge of the bumper using a T30 Torx socket.

4. Under the car, remove the 8 screws under the bottom lip of the bumper using an 8mm socket.

5. There are 3 screws located at the forward side of each front wheel-arch that need removing using an 8mm socket, locations pictured. (If you are working on one side/headlight then these screws only need removing on the corresponding side, as with steps 6 and 7.)

6. Peel the plastic wheel-arch liner back from the corner of the bumper and wedge it against the tyre.

7. Remove the 2 screws located on the inside of the bumper on each side that can now be accessed with the arch-liner out of the way, as pictured. The near one needs a 10mm socket, the one further in is another 8mm. A 1/4" drive wrench is good here with not much room.

8. Gently pull the bumper outwards from its bracket until it separates from the front wing and pull that side of the bumper forward. It should peel away from the car quite easily. Repeat for the other side and the bumper is off, unless you are only working on one side as the headlight and other parts inside / behind the bumper are accessible with one side pulled away from the car.

9. If you are completely removing the front bumper, remember to unplug the front fog-lamps, parking-sensors etc. before moving the bumper away from the car. There is plenty of room to do this with the O/S (right-side) bumper peeled off.

Many thanks to Isturbointeg on for some of his superb pictures I made use of. His original guide on F10post forum is here -


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