Sunday 24 November 2019

BMW Common Engine/Injection Error Codes / Fault Codes List 2D00-2FB7 + CD87-CDAC [E46, E39 etc.]

2711-273F2740-27722773-279F27A0-27FF280A-29FF2A01-2CFF, 2D00-2FB7, CD87-CDAC,

2D00 spring-check throttle-valve-actuator
closing spring
2D01 spring-check throttle-valve-actuator
opening spring
2D02 error emergency air setpoint
2D03 Abort DV-adaption because of enviroment
2D04 throttle valve adaption
2D05 Abort at UMA-repeat learning
2D08 parts exchange without adaption
2D0F Hot film air mass meter
2D10 Plausibility HFM
2D11 Plausibility, mass flow Lambda sensor
2D12 Plausibility, mass flow Lambda sensor
2D19 PWG-movement
2D1A accelarator potentiometer
2D1B Pedal-travel Poti1
2D1C Pedal-travel Poti2
2D28 Diff. pressure sensor suction tube
2D29 Plausibility diff. pressure sensor
2D32 Plausibility pressure sensor intake tube
2D6E moment monitoring level 2
2D6F Load sensor monitoring
2D70 Control unit monitoring group A
2D71 Control unit monitoring group B
2D72 Control unit monitoring group C
2D73 fuel pressure sensor
2D74 funktion monitoring: Lambda Plausibility
2D75 engine speed monitoring
2D76 pedal encoder monitoring (level2)
2D78 Control air mass flow adjustment
2DB4 interface MFL
2DBF CAN ACC signal failure
2DC8 CAN- Timeout EGS
2DCA CAN timeout EGS
2DCB CAN SSG signal failure
2DCF CAN- Timeout instrument combination
2DD6 CAN- Timeout ASC/DSC
2DD7 CAN timeout DSG SG
2DD8 active front steering torque
2DD9 CAN ARS signal failure
2DDA CAN CAS signal failure
2DDB CAN IHKA signal failure
2DDC CAN SZL signal failure
2DDD CAN-Timeout VVT-Control unit
2DDE VVT-CAN-communication
2DDF VVT-CAN-communication (bank2)
2DE6 CAN-Timeout DME-Control unit
2DEB power management network failure
2DEC power management
2DED Powermanagement: quiescent current
2E24 spark coil cylinder 1 in 1ignition
2E25 spark coil cylinder 2 in 4ignition
2E26 spark coil cylinder 3 in 2ignition
2E27 spark coil cylinder 4 in 3ignition
2E30 injection valve cylinder 1 in 1cylinder
2E31 injection valve cylinder 2 in 4cylinder
2E32 injection valve cylinder 3 in 2cylinder
2E33 injection valve cylinder 4 in 3cylinder
2E68 Knock sensor 1
2E69 knock sensor2 (Bank1)
2E6A Knock sensor 3
2E6B Knock sensor 4
2E7C BSD wire failure
2E86 Electrical water pump
2E8B IBS communication
2E8C IBS general error
2E8D IBS plausibility
2E95 generator communication
2E97 CDKDGEN/CDKGEN - BSD generator
2E9F Failure oil quality sensor
2EA0 Oil status sensor
2EB8 BSD-message from IBS not existent
2EBC BSD message from oil sensor missing
2EBD BSD message from generator missing
2EBE BSD message from generator missing
2EE0 Temperature sensor engine cooling liquid
2EEA Temp. sensor coolant temperature
2EF4 Thermostat characteristic diagram cooling,
2EF5 Thermostat characteristic diagram cooling,
2EF6 characteristic diagram thermostat
2EFE engine blower
2F08 Intake air temperature
2F0D Control controlled airflow
2F12 Air conditioner compressor control
2F17 Forced switched EGS
2F1C oil temperature sensor
2F21 engine controller, power reduction
2F44 EWS3.3 manipulation protection
2F45 EWS3.3 Interface DME-EWS
2F46 EWS3.3 Random-code storing
2F4E Vehicle speed
2F50 failure at speed-display kombi
2F58 Control starter automatic
2F59 Input starter automatic
2F5A Start automatic control
2F62 Switch brakes
2F67 Switch clutch
2F6C Control exhaust flap
2F71 E-Box blower
2F76 Ambient-pressure sensor
2F7B oil pressure switch
2F80 error CAN / relative timer
2F85 DME- Temperature
2F8A Battery Voltage
2F94 fuelpump relay
2F99 Ambient temperature
2F9E Thermical oillevel sensor
2FA3 HO-proc.failure, coding missing
2FB2 suction jet pump for brake force amplifier
2FB7 electr. under pressure pump for brake

CD87 PT - CAN bus off
CD8B Local CAN Bus Off
CD9B status vehicle-mode
CDA1 angle of steering wheel
CDA2 powermanagement battery voltage
CDA3 powermanagement charge voltage
CDA7 status gear reverse
CDAA control crash-switch-off EKP
CDAC status water valve


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