Sunday 24 November 2019

BMW Common Engine/VVT Error Codes / Fault Codes List 280A-29FF [E46, E39 etc.]

2711-273F2740-27722773-279F, 27A0-27FF, 280A-29FF, 2A01-2CFF, 2D00-2FB7, CD87-CDAC,

280A Assign. camshaft to crankshaft
280D Control unit monitoring
280E Control unit monitoring
280F Camshaft control
2810 Engine speed monitoring
2811 Local CAN Bus Off
2812 oil temperature
2813 Control unit monitoring group A
2814 Control unit monitoring group B
2815 Control unit monitoring group C
2816 engine rpm monitor
2818 voltage-monitoring O2-sensor on air
281C BSD wire failure
281E Controll DISA
281F DISA-mount response
2820 Failure DISA
2821 DISA temp. warn level engine protection
2822 Forced switched EGS
2823 Heating lambda sensor befor Cat
2824 Heating lambda sensor befor Cat bank2
2825 Lambdasensor aging after Cat
2826 Lambdasensor aging after Cat bank2
2827 heater link at signal-path
2828 CAN ARS-Signalfehler
2829 CAN CAS-Signalfehler
282A CAN IHKA-Signalfehler
282B CAN PWML-Signalfehler
282C CAN SZL-Signalfehler
282D heater link at signal-path bank2
282E PWG-movement
2830 aging of O2-sensor behind catalyst (Bank
2832 Plausibility ASR-Torque
2833 Plausibility CAS
2834 Plausibility IHKA
2835 Plausibility PWML
2836 Plausibility SZL
2837 Plausibility EMF
2838 Output-stage AAV
2839 AAV-Functionality
283A Failure oil quality sensor
283B Camshaft control output bank2
283C Camshaft control output
283D PT - CAN bus off
283E VVT enable controll
283F Plausibilitaet Oeldruckschalter
2841 Air flushed injector valves control
2843 plausibility diagnostics LSU by LSH after
2844 internal diagnostics CJ125 SPI
2849 power break at pump-current
284A short circuit to minus or to plus at
284C LSU dynamic too slow
284F failure at speed-display kombi
2850 VVT-guiding sensor
2851 VVT-guiding sensor (bank2)
2852 VVT-ref. sensor
2853 VVT-ref. sensor (bank2)
2854 VVT-Sensor plausibility
2855 VVT-Sensor plausibility (bank2)
2856 VVT-Supply volatge for the sensor
2857 VVT-Supply volatge for the sensor
2858 VVT-Teaching function at stop
2859 VVT-Teaching function at stop (bank2)
285A VVT-Actuator monitoring
285B VVT-Actuator monitoring (Bank2)
285C VVT-CAN-communication
285D VVT-CAN-communication (bank2)
285E VVT-Control unit internal failure
285F VVT-Control unit internal failure (bank2)
2860 VVT-Controll
2861 VVT-Controll (bank2)
2862 VVT-Power supply
2863 VVT-Power supply (bank2)
2864 DM-TL-Pump control failure
2865 Power supply limit VVT-emergency
2866 VVT-stops leaning necessary
2867 VVT system overload
2868 VVT system overload (bank2)
286F AGR Valve output
2870 AGR Valve monitoring
2871 AGR Valve positioning sensor
2872 Diagnose AGR valve
2873 Output-stage HDEV-SG1 bank1
2874 Output-stage HDEV-SG1 bank2
2875 Output-stage HDEV-SG1 bank3
2876 Output-stage HDEV-SG2 bank1
2877 Output-stage HDEV-SG2 bank2
2878 Output-stage HDEV-SG2 bank3
2879 Signal exhaust temp. sensor 4
287A Output pressure control valve
287B Signal exhaust temp. sensor 3
287C Pressure sensor suction tube
287D Signal rail-pressure sensor
287E Pressure control valve
287F High pressure sensor test
2880 AGR system
2881 CDKBKE Output twist generator controller
2882 Output pressure control valve
2883 Rail-pressure regulation
2889 plausibility monitoring of the RAM backup
2893 DME- Temperature
2898 lambda sensor after cat bank1: signal
28A0 Output gas circuit switch
28C8 Lambdacontrol mismatch
28C9 Lambdacontrol mismatch bank2
28D2 Pressure sensor charge-air
28D3 Plausibility ambient- to charge pressure
28D4 Pressure control valve
28D5 Output charge pressure control valve
28D6 HO-Proc.failure, coding missing
28D7 Generator communication
28D8 RAM backup-failure
28D9 elec. heater
28DA CAN timeout elec. heater
28DB min. Lift adaption repeat. ran over
28DC generator 2 communication
2906 AGR valve monitoring
2907 AGR valve monitoring
2908 CAN timeout DSG SG
2909 CAN timeout EGS
290A active front steering torque
292B LSU adjustment line
292C LSU adjustment line bank2
292D LSU Nernst cell break
292E LSU Nernst cell break bank2
2930 LSU virtual mass break
2931 LSU virtual mass break bank2
2936 fuel pressure sensor
2937 funktion monitoring: Lambda Plausibility
296B inverted lambda sensors of front cat
2972 Control pump for breaks
297D CAN SSG signal failure
2981 Control controlled airflow
299B IBS communication
299C IBS general error
299D IBS plausibility
29A8 power management network failure
29A9 power management
29AE tank-ventilation-system major leak
29CC misfire detection summation error
29CD misfire detection cylinder 1 in 1ignition
29CE misfire detection cylinder 2 in 4ignition
29CF misfire detection cylinder 3 in 2ignition
29D0 misfire detection cylinder 4 in 3ignition
29D9 misfire at too low fuel filling level
29DD Bad way detection
29E5 LR-Adaption multiplicative area2 (Bank1)
29E6 LR-Adaption multiplicative area2 (Bank2)
29E7 LR-Adaption additive per time (Bank1)
29E8 LR-Adaption additive per time (bank2)
29E9 LR-Adaption add. per ignition
29EA LR-Adaption add. per ignition bank2
29EB LR-Deviation
29EC LR-Deviation bank2
29ED LR-Adaption multiplicative area1 (Bank1)
29EE LR-Adaption multiplicative area1 (Bank2)
29F4 Catalytic-converter conversion
29F5 Catalytic-converter conversion (bank2)
29F8 Cat-konversion LSU
29F9 Catalytic-converter conversion LSU bank2
29FE secondary air injection system
29FF secondary air system (Bank2)

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