Thursday 12 March 2020

E30 Stance - Steel wheels or modern wheels??

E30 wheels is a magnificent topic of discussion, so lets have a couple of different takes on wheels for the old 3er...

By far the most common wheels to bestride the E30 are cross-wire / BBS styles. and beyond that owners tend to stick to solid period styled alloy wheels like Azev-A five-spokes or Borbet C. Personally I think the old-school BMs look best with steel-wheels such as the almighty Weller competition wheels, as in the pic above, especially with a lowered car. These are built for heavy-duty dirt-track racing and off-road and I think give a lowered E30 the best squat / rat look.

At the other end of the spectrum, here are some ultra-modern Japanese-style alloys on a 325is. I am not 100% on who makes these, but they look very much like RAYS Volk or Rota wheels. You don't see many wearing rims like these, certainly not done well anyway, but why not? Sharp lines suit sharp lines and the 3-box shape combined with large modern alloys gives the E30 a very purposeful look and go-kart stance.


  1. The choice of optimal wheels depends on the preferences of the motorist. Some prefer traditional wheels to avoid any malfunction when driving

    1. A good point well made. I agree that traditional wheel size and width should be retained to keep the car’s driving characteristics intact. This article was more about style choice, as I would say the upper pic has no functional benefit at all. Perhaps the lower pic goes wider track for drift or sprint, but is probably not as nice day-to-day as stock wheels.