Tuesday 5 June 2012

BMWs at Tatton Hall Classic Car Show 2012

For the full story on Tatton Hall Classic Car show 2012 and over 120 pics go here: Tatton Hall Park Classic Car Show 2012 [on my other blog: http://retrorunabouts.blogspot.co.uk/]

The BMW UK Owners Club had a mighty big stand celebrating the Queen's silver Jubilee, with all manner of classic M cars and the brand new M6.
Alpina B5 Turbo E28 5-series was superbad and superclean in black.
 AC Schnitzer sorted E46 M3.
E30 M3, a genuine left-hand-drive article.
Tidy E30 325i with Alpina wheels parked up amongst the Ford RS owners club.

Some of the best BMWs were away from the OC stands, including this pristine green 2002 I found tucked away behind a load of Volkswagens.
The condition of even the finest chrome work is absolutely concourse, the paint and wheels original.
 It could be said that the 2002 has seen better days, but the owners proudly display a picture of them driving the car from new in the early '70s and it looks in a shabbier state then.
 Grilles and bumper chrome work all look exactly as if they've just rolled out of the Black Forest.

A little stand previously hidden by the busy food stalls revealed a couple of sweet 635 CSi...

 ...and this luminous yellow 3.0 CSL 'Batmobile' race car, which was one of my favourite cars of the show.
I was being optimistic by hoping to see a standard 3.0 CSL at the show and was not disappointed because thats what this is. The car started life as a regular CSL before being bought as a wreck by the current owners and rebuilt to exact 'Batmobile' spec.
The level of detail to the aero-body is so good that the car can't really be called a replica - it's more of an upgrade.
415 wide rear tyres - like a Lamborghini Countach or Bugatti Veyron.