Friday 18 October 2019

BMW Common Engine/Vanos Error Codes / Fault Codes List 27A0-27FF [E46, E39 etc.]

2711-273F, 2740-2772, 2773-279F, 27A0-27FF, 280A-29FF2A01-2CFF2D00-2FB7, CD87-CDAC,

27A0 Controll E-box fan
27A1 failure within secondary air system 2
27A2 Temp.sensor engine LR
27A3 CAN timeout HDEV2 SG
27A4 EWS3.3 Schnittstelle EWS-DME
27A6 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 1
27A7 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 3
27A8 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 4
27A9 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil 2
27AA Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AB Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AC Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AD Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AE Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27AF Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27B0 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27B1 Ansteuerung Einspritzventil
27B3 Diagnose DK/HFM adjustment
27B4 Ambient-pressure sensor
27B5 Control inlet-VANOS
27B6 Control inlet-VANOS bank2
27B7 Controll gas pump relay
27B8 Plausibility diff. pressure sensor
27B9 BLS/BTS Plausibility
27BA Output AC-kompr. enable from AC-SG
27BB Camshaft control outlet-VANOS
27BC Camshaft control outlet-VANOS bank2
27BD Control outlet-VANOS
27BE Output outlet-VANOS bank2
27BF Camshaft sensor inlet bank2
27C0 Camshaft sensor outlet bank2
27C1 Master camshaft sensor
27C2 Controll AC-compressor relay
27C3 Signal oil level sensor (TOENS)
27C6 LDP Diagnose 0.5mm leak
27C7 LDP Diagnose 1.0mm leak
27C8 LDP system
27C9 Leak diag. module
27CA Ansteuerung DM-TL Pumpenmotor
27CB DM-TL 0.5mm leak MIL off
27CC DM-TL 1mm & 0.5mm leak
27CD DM-TL module
27CE Load sensor monitoring
27CF Ignition time Cyl.1
27D0 Ignition time Cyl.3
27D1 Ignition time Cyl.4
27D2 Ignition time Cyl.2
27D5 failure within the idle-speed control
27D6 Output idle-speed controller OFF
27D7 Output idle-speed controller ON
27D8 Failure depressure pump
27D9 Output DM-TL heater
27DA generator failure
27DC EWS3.3 Random-code storing
27E1 monitoring pedal-travel sensor
27E2 Knock sensor 1
27E3 knock sensor2 bank1
27E4 Knock sensor 3
27E5 Knock sensor 4
27E6 Knock sensor zero test
27E7 Knock sensor offset
27E8 Knock regulation Test impulse
27E9 Knock sensor zero test bank2
27EA CAN-Timeout HDEV
27EB CAN-Timeout TCU
27EC CAN-Timeout EGS
27ED CAN-Timeout ASC/DSC
27EE CAN-Timeout Instrumentenkombination
27EF CAN ACC-Signalfehler
27F0 Plausibility MSR-control
27F1 Plausibility ACC-control
27F2 Plausibility gas level
27F3 CAN-Timeout VVT-Control unit
27F4 CAN-Timeout VVT-Control-unit bank2
27F5 CAN-Timeout DME-Control unit
27F6 Pedal-travel
27F7 Pedal-travel Poti1
27F8 Pedal-travel Poti2
27F9 Start automatic control
27FA Input starter automatic
27FB Output controlled airflow
27FD Starter automatic
27FE Knock control offset bank2
27FF Knock control test signal bank2

Thursday 17 October 2019

BMW Common Engine/Temp Error Codes / Fault Codes List 2773-279F [E46, E39 etc.]

2711-273F2740-27722773-279F27A0-27FF280A-29FF2A01-2CFF2D00-2FB7, CD87-CDAC,

2773 Tank-ventilation valve output stage bank2
2774 Monitoring cyc. failurestoring
2775 engine moment monitoring level 2
2776 Interface multifunction stearing wheel
2777 Monitoring controller function
2778 Switch clutch
2779 SG selftest RAM
277A Switch break
277B SG selftest ROM
277C SG selftest reset
277D Battery Voltage
277E Moment restrictor level 1
277F Crankshaft sensor
2780 Ref. marking generator
2781 Camshaft sensor inlet
2782 Camshaft sensor outlet
2783 Hot film air mass meter
2784 Thermostat diag. THM
2785 DK-Potentiometer
2786 Throttle-valve potentiometer 1
2787 Throttle-valve potentiometer 2
2788 Vehicle speed
2789 Bad way detection
278A Ambient temperature
278B Engine temperature
278C Intake air temperature
278D Temp. sensor coolant temperature
278E Diff. pressure sensor suction tube
278F LowRange signal not plausible
2790 transmission temp.
2791 Parts exchange without adaption
2792 Drosselklappe - Positions├╝berwachung
2793 DK-Actuator regulator area
2794 DK-Actuator controlled
2795 Spring test DK-controller closing spring
2796 Throttle flap lower stop
2797 DK-Controller failure booster
2798 Throttle flap emergency air point
2799 Abort DV-adaption because of enviroment
279A Throttle flap adation - abort after
279B Thermostat jammed
279C Control heater cooler
279D Control engine fan
279E Output exhaust flap
279F Output fanA

Wednesday 16 October 2019

BMW Common Engine Error Codes / Fault Codes List 2740-2772 [E46, E39 etc.]

2711-273F2740-27722773-279F27A0-27FF, 280A-29FF2A01-2CFF2D00-2FB7, CD87-CDAC,

2740 Pedal-travel1 permanently
2741 Pedal-travel2 permanently
2742 Misfire detection cyl.1
2743 Misfire detection cyl.3
2744 Misfire detection cyl.4
2745 Misfire detection cyl.2
2746 Misfire detection cyl.
2747 Misfire detection cyl.
2748 Misfire detection cyl
2749 Misfire detection cyl
274A Misfire detection cyl
274B Misfire detection cyl
274C Misfire detection cyl
274D Misfire detection cyl
274E Misfire detection, Checksum failure
274F Misfire, Checksum failure, service rel.
2752 Pedal-travel half plausibility
2753 Monitoring ign. coil 1
2754 Monitoring ign. coil 3
2755 Monitoring ign. coil 4
2756 Monitoring ign. coil 2
2757 Monitoring ign. coil
2758 Monitoring ign. coil
2759 Monitoring ign. coil
275A Monitoring ign. coil
275B Monitoring ign. coil
275C Monitoring ign. coil
275D Monitoring ign. coil
275E Monitoring ign. coil
275F Pedal-travel defect
2760 Secondary air system
2761 Secondary air system bank2
2762 Secondary air valve
2763 Secondary air valve bank2
2764 Controll sek.air pump relay
2765 Controll sek.air valve
2766 Phase generator1 time duration
2767 Phase generator2 time duration
2768 Phase generator positioning failure
2769 Spring test DK-controller open spring
276A Control-unit recognition
276B Secondary air valve output stage bank2
276C Phase generator2 positioning failure
276D Tank-ventilation functional check
276E Tank-ventilation functional check bank2
276F failure within secondary air system
2770 failure within secondary air system
2771 Secondary air system locked
2772 Controll gas ventilation valve