[E39] Common Faults

A list of known common problems with the E39 series, particularly the diesel models - 525td, 525tds and 530d. [I'll expand these entries into posts as I find time, but I have a lot less time for blogging than the ScoobyLab days sadly.]

Common Problem Fixes [all E39 models] :

Condensation / Water in the Headlights. - Complete guide.

Faults with Windscreen / Headlamp Washer-Jet System. - Complete guide.
Replacing / Unblocking the Wash Pump - How-To Guide

Wiring an Amp/Subs to the Standard BMW Business stereo system. Complete and extensive installation guide.

530d, 525td/tds Common Mechanical Faults:

Knocking when changing gear / coming on and off the power - Propshaft-Coupling (Donut).
    Replacing the Propshaft Coupling (Donut). - Detailed How-To Guide for removal and replacement.

Vibration throughout the car - Engine Mount.

Non-Starting Problems / Loss of Power :

Loss of power going uphill / General loss of power / Turns but will not start - Fuel Boost Pump (under passenger seat [UK]).

Turns but does not start only when engine is warm or car has been left for a while after a run - Camshaft-Sensor.

Replacing the Camshaft Sensor - Guide.