Sunday 18 February 2024

BMW Fxx Series Seat Wiring Harness Diagram + Pin Layout

If you're swapping seats round or retrofitting, then you will want to keep electric movement functions and may even want to retain the heated-seat feature or even safety restraints. Here's a guide to wire colours and the pin-outs on the multi-block plug. 


5+6 - CAN data wires to CAS [ Green + Orange/Green]

7 - 12v Power Wire [Red, Red/Blue or Red/Brown, 3mm thickness] 

8 - Main Ground Wire [Brown, 3mm thickness]

Seat Cushion Heating Power+ [Green/Violet or Blue/Violet]

Seat Cushion Heating Ground- [Brown or Brown/Orange, 1.5mm thickness]

Seat Cushion Temp. Sensor [Grey]

Seat Back Heating Power+ [Violet or Green/Violet]

Seat Back Heating Ground- [Brown, 1mm thickness]

Friday 16 February 2024

Just thought I’d post this awesome E36...

 …because the owner is about to have it repainted and I'd like to preserve its current awesomeness.