Sunday 1 February 2015

E60: Replacing all Brake Discs and Pads.

  1. Jack car, remove wheel. REAR ONLY - ensure handbrake is off.
  2. Remove plastic caps and 7mm Allen-head bolts.
  3. Remove caliper and hang it from the spring.
  4. *On front-N/S and rear-O/S ONLY* - Remove pad wear-sensor by gently working it up out of the slot with a small flat-screwdriver. Part of the green plastic may brake off but it's very unlikely the sensor will stop working, so provided you are careful to retain the metal clip it will fit back on tight enough.
  5. Remove 18mm bolts from caliper bracket and lift out of the way.
  6. Remove the stud holding the disc to the hub using a 5mm Allen-key socket.
  7. Wobble the brake disc off. REAR ONLY - It may need whacking from behind with a hammer as it will bind to the handbrake shoes.
  8. ** If you are replacing the inboard handbrake shoes, then do this now.
  9. Fit the new brake-disc to the hub. The hand-brake may need adjusting for the drum to slide over the shoes as it self-adjusts to stay against the worn drum on the old brake-disc. It will likely need adjusting to the new drum anyway. 
  10. Reverse steps 5 to 1.
Pad wear-sensors are a pain to remove.
I wangled all 4 discs and pads for £140 from LVW who supply where I work. 
Belaco are a budget make, but we fit them to vans at work and they seem OK.
Mintex pads do the job.
Plenty of meat left on the old discs, but the MOT fail showed brake imbalance.
The old pads looked alright too, but no imbalance reported on the retest.

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