Saturday 16 March 2019

BMW INPA 5.06 for Fxx Series / ENET Cable / Coding etc. - Great Guide + Download!

This guy's blog has a great download for a fully working, easy to install / update INPA 5.06 to work with Fxx Series BMWs and ENET to OBD2 cable, so get it while the links are still active!

The guide covers an 'Easy-Install' tool, so if you are doing a new install from the word go, then follow the instructions on and go from there. I haven't tried to confirm it is indeed easy and works, but evidently other people have.

Updating a current version of INPA:

If you already have an older version of INPA up and running, then updating to 5.06 could not be simpler, but it is not quite explained in the obdii365 guide, so follow as below. This assumes you are switching to an OBD-ENET type cable.

1. Locate your INPA and EDIABAS folders; they are in the same place. (C:\...\INPA) (C:\...\EDIABAS)
2. Copy the folder named INPA_Fxx_v.2 from the download into the same location as your existing INPA folder.
3. Rename your original INPA folder if you wish to keep it or delete the folder.
4. Rename the INPA_Fxx_v.2 folder to INPA.
5. Copy the EDIABAS folder from the download into the same location as your existing EDIABAS folder, selecting 'Yes to All' to overwrite any existing files of the same name.

That's it... your INPA will now work with Fxx Series cars. The EDIABAS.ini configuration file is already set for ENET, so just plug it into your OBD port and wait about 30 seconds for a network address to be assigned. Once you get the 'Limited or No Connectivity' message pop-up you can open INPA as normal and should see the Battery and Ignition dots filled.

An OBD-USB K-CAN cable can be used with Fxx-Series cars, but only to read and erase fault-codes. Coding is not possible without an OBD-ENET cable.
To use the update method above and retain settings for OBD cable, make a copy of your original EDIABAS.ini configuration file and merge it into the new EDIABAS/Bin/ folder. Alternatively, re-adjust the settings for OBD after the update, which is the best option if you can be bothered.


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