Wednesday 27 March 2019

F10/F11/F07: 12V Adapter / Cigar Lighter Fuse - Easy Guide + Fuse Box Diagram

Fuse Box Diagram F10/F11/F07:

**DETAILED LIST/CHART HERE all, with definitions**

There is no nice easy fuse-chart located inside the F10, as with E60 and before, and the ones provided are vague at best! I will try and populate a text list of what they do as I go.

12V-Adapter / Cigar Lighter Fuse:

FUSE No. 54 in the Glove Box fuse-box - 20A.

Someone who obviously found the lack of a fuse-box diagram in the car frustrating and the location of the 12V-adapter / cig.-lighter fuse on their F10/F11 difficult to access, so they have done a detailed guide one replacing it when it blows. I have not seen such a detailed 'for dummies' type guide covering the 12V-adapter fuse before, so cannot better it and here is the link:

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