Saturday 12 July 2014

E46 318ci: Total Jobs Checklist.

Sat 6.7.15:

6 months tax.
2 new front tyres.
4 new brake discs.
New master-cyl. / servo.
Fuel tank repair.
Replacement front bumper.

Sat 12.7.14:
  • Re-bled brakes.
  • Wynn's Engine Stop-Leak and half a litre oil.
  • Rad-hose repair-tape kit, cable-tie out of way, 1 litre water/coolant.
  • Cleaned wiring-connectors to cam-sensors.
  • Cleared all oil residue from exhaust-manifold.

Quick run of engine with NO MAF connected gives improved idle-speed of 900rpm. After revving, it drops below 900 for a moment, then returns to 900.

Brakes are bled and still very stiff. No servo assistance is present, but the servo and m/c are known to be working. Could the problem be the vacuum pump? Could this be causing the oil leak?

If not, then it feels a little too low for the rocker-cover and will most likely be coming from the rear main-seal, which is a gearbox off job, so lets hope its just draining from one of the rear rocker-cover plugs and running down the head.

Tues 15.7.14:

Replace vacuum-pump.
Replace both camshaft-sensors.
Replace MAF sensor.
Remove inlet-manifold to check CCV and crank-sensor.
Clean oil and recondition inlet-manifold.

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