Wednesday 8 October 2014

E60: Engine Swap Week - Day 7

  • Remove inlet-manifold, rail, injectors and rocker cover.
  • Improve fit of fuel-rail return pipe.
  • Clean injectors.
  • Clean out injector ports in head.
  • Fit original rocker-cover.
  • Adjust injectors to fit collars tightly.
  • Look for fuel in rail and rail-pressure when cranking.
The only thing I didn't do today was swap my crank-sensor over. I figured the automatic models have a different flywheel so would have a different sensor, but the two transmissions share the same sensor [exact same part no.] so the one that's on should work.

The banjo on the fuel-rail return hose needed refitting, as the jubilee-clip was now fouling the inlet-manifold. It was a bugger to find a way to refit it and give enough gap - the manifold is still fouling slightly.

I fitted my original rocker-cover because the new one has a crack round the MAF-sensor housing, obviously where the donor car had it's bump. The injector collars were fitting a bit loosely in the new rocker-cover too and are a bit tighter now. My original cam-sensor is back on too, which I doubt will make a difference, but can't hurt.
  • Re-attempt start!
NO! The engine is turning ok and there is fuel-pressure. Sadly, there is now a lot of diesel-mist shooting up past the injectors, as in the vid below. Ah well, nothing ever goes smoothly.

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