Saturday 27 September 2014

E60: Engine Swap Week - Day 6

  • Replace snapped T-piece on injector leak-off pipes.
  • Torque up crank-pulley and HP-pump.
  • Refit drive-belts.
  • Refit radiators / coolers.
  • Refit headlights and crash bar.
  • Refit slam-panel and grilles / ducts.
  • Plumb cooling, A/C and PAS back in at the front.
  • Loosely refit exhaust and heat-shield.
  • Fill with oil and coolant.
  • Refit ECU and plug loom in.
  • Plug in all wire connectors to engine.
  • Refit fuel-rail and pipes.
  • Refit turbo and exhaust-manifold.
  • Refit rocker-cover and injectors.
  • Refit inlet-manifold.
  • Attempt start!
NOTE: Fasten engine-mount top nuts! Neaten up fuel-rail return pipe!

Well, sadly, it didn't fire right up in the first few tried like last time, but the battery has been sitting for a month and died quickly, so I will charge it overnight and have another crack tomorrow.
  • Check for missing wire-connectors. Crank-sensor?
  • Bleed injectors and check for rail pressure.
  • Flywheel position sensor - is it a different flywheel? Swap to original.
  • Check injector-leads for pulses with multimeter.
  • High-pressure pump - does it need bleeding? Is it working?
  • Is 'Service Due' warning affecting immobiliser?
If all these check out and it still won't go then I will have to get a computer on it and get some fault-codes. I'm back in work next week, without a break, so I should be able to bring the Launch home.

It's been a hella lot of work the last 6 days so it would have been nice to have the engine fire up on the third go like it did when I fitted the new cylinder head, but ah well, I'm full of optimism at the close of today.

Plastic T-piece nozzle snapped off in the injector leak-off hose. Luckily I got fuel pipes with the new engine [even though the pump itself was missing] and didn't have to buy a new one.
From an '03, to an '09 and now back to an '04 - this is the third head in the E60.

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