Monday 22 September 2014

E60: Engine Swap Week - Day 2

  • Remove headlights and front crash-bar.
  • Remove starter motor.
  • Remove oil filter / cooler.
  • Photograph and disconnect vacuum hoses and wiring-connectors.
  • Attempt remove engine.
  • Remove exhaust-system.
  • Remove heat-shield.
  • Remove gearbox mounts.
  • Remove 2 of 3 prop-shaft bolts [coupling to gearbox].
Sadly, the first attempt did not work. The sump still gets stuck on the sub-frame. TIS says to first remove the prop and gearbox, so it looks like this is the only way.

POA for Day 3:
1. Bolt gearbox mount back up.
2. Loosen remaining prop-shaft bolt.
3. Lift car and put axle-stand under jacking point.
4. Support gearbox and remove mounts.
5. Drop prop-shaft.

NOTE: Cut off rubber exhaust-hanger needs new - Part no. 18207578238

Blue nylon rope not the best for lifting engines, but note a lot of weight is removed from the engine - head, ATF-pump, oil filter-cooler, A/C comp etc.

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