Wednesday 24 September 2014

E36 Compact: E46 Driver's Arm-Rest Retrofit

Just as on E46, the two bolts holding the handbrake down hold the right side of the arm-rest bracket. The third threaded-hole is covered by putty a bit further down the left side of the trans-tunnel.
The three existing holes fit the E46 arm-rest bracket, longer 13mm bolts and shims perfectly.
The rear roll-down ash-tray trim screws to the rear of the arm-rest bracket.
The centre-console trim took a bit of getting in under the gearstick trim panel, but fits the rear and arm-rest pretty well.
As does the handbrake handle and leather gaiter. Just deciding now whether to retrofit the gearstick trim panel and window-switches from the E46, or cut the centre-console trim to fit the E36 better. Hmm.

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