Friday 26 September 2014

E60: Engine Swap Week - Day 5

  • Attempt to lift gearbox underneath car.
  • Lift engine back out.
  • Fit gearbox to engine.
  • Remove bonnet / A/C-duct.
  • Lift engine and gearbox in together [mm to spare!].
  • Fit prop-shaft.
  • Fit gearbox mounts.
  • Fit starter-motor.
  • Fit oil filter/cooler.
  • Fit alternator.
  • Fit PAS-pump.
  • Fit A/C compressor.
  • Fit thermostat.
  • Re-attach lower wiring-connectors.
  • Loosely fit crank-pulley.
  • Loosely attach main electric-cables to alt / starter.
  • Loosely fit anti roll-bar.
NOTE: remember sump wire connector + tighten 10mm screw on gearbox!

Gearbox was getting nowhere from below with so little room under the car, so the engine came back out and we lifted the gearbox on very easily.
By removing the plastic air-con duct at the back and popping the bonnet lifters off so it lifts up vertical, it is possible to just about lift the engine and gearbox in together without lowering the subframe / rack.
Just the rads and injectors now and it's pretty much ready to start.

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