Thursday 25 September 2014

E60: Engine Swap Week - Day 4

Had a lost day yesterday when the engine didn't arrive. It only turned up at 1.30pm today, so I will have to concentrate on swapping over the high-pressure pump, flywheel and clutch, as well as removing the loom etc. ready to patch mine in. Lifting the engine in will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • Replace steering-rack / subframe bolts entirely.
  • Remove loom and vacuum-hoses from new engine.
  • Swap over high-pressure fuel-pump.
  • Fit flywheel and clutch.
  • Remove oil filter/cooler and rocker-cover for lifting.
  • Match engines entirely.
  • Lift engine in.
Engine arrived at 1.30pm.

And was finally sat in the bay at 7.30pm.

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